Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"There is only One Tree Hill and it is your home".

If you haven't gathered from the title and the picture, this is going to be a tribute to One Tree Hill.  Nine years ago I watched the first episode at the ripe age of 11 (this makes me feel old).  I was hooked from the pilot, although the critics didn't think it would last more than a season.  Mark Schwahn rightly said "the little show that could, became the epic show that did".  There was a hell of a lot of drama in Tree Hill, love triangles, on and off friendships, shootings, kidnappings, weddings, basketball, music tours, Fall Out Boy, car crashes, psycho's, deaths and so much more.  While at times the story lines could be a little too unbelievable it kept us entertained for nine years and chucked in a few subtle morals along the way.  I wont say much more, here's a few videos and photo's.

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  1. I loved One Tree Hill! Not going to lie, although I did watch til the very end, my heart will always stay true to seasons 1-4, after that it was never as good for me. x


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