Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New In: Recent Purchases

I had some birthday money to spend, so I treated myself last week to a few things I had, had my eye on, mostly Nicki Minaj collections (she's been getting around a bit).  

The first thing I picked up were the Nicki Minaj for OPI mini's from my local Sally's.   Most of the full size colours had sold out so I thought I'd get the best of four worlds with this pack, which was £13.49.  The standout colour for me is definitely Fly.  It's a gorgeous teal colour and it applied really nicely.  Second favourite is Pink Friday, which is a muted baby pink which gives a subtle pop to the nails.  I have yet to try the other two, but I'm sure I'll be posting a picture on Twitter before long.

I also picked up the new Viva Glam lipstick by Nicki.  If you don't already know about Viva Glam, 100% of proceeds go towards the MAC Aids Fund - a pretty good way to spend your money!  Now, I have to admit, I partly wanted to get this lipstick because it has my nick name on it (if you couldn't guess 'Nicki').  Materialistic reasons over, I am so glad I picked this up, with thanks to Charli who sent me a code so I could order the beauty early.  I wore it today and one of the girls told me it looked like I had drawn on my lips with a highlighter and there is no better way to describe it.  A lot of people have said it to be a 'true bubblegum pink' but I think the colour changes depending on skin tone. 

I have never been so excited by a mascara as I have this one.  A few weeks ago a good friend of mine told me about a website called Precious About Make Up as I kept banging on about how much I wanted to try MUFE products.  Low and behold they sold the Smoky Lash and HD Foundation.  I decided to wait until I went to Sephora in Spain during my holiday so I could be matched up but couldn't resist putting the mascara in my basket.  Unfortunately, the website were out of stock and ever since have been waiting for an order to arrive.  To say sorry for the wait they kindly sent me a sample size and I absolutely LOVE it.  I've only used it once so cannot give it  fair review but I'm excited to use it more.  The wand is a bit awkward to get hold of though.  I'll let you know my thoughts on this mascara soon!

Have you got your hands on any of the Nicki Minaj products? 


  1. That lipstick is gorgeous, great color for spring and summer. lovely post :)
    check my blog out please?
    x x

    1. It really is, can't wait to go on holiday and get a bit of a tan, think it will look even better then! x

  2. This lipstick looks so gorgeous, I just worry it will look a bit much on me xxx


    1. The best thing to do is try it in store, I think it will suit a lot of people so it's worth a try! x


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