Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Presents!

Stocking essentials

Main goodies

I thought I'd show you the gorgeous things I received this Christmas as I've thoroughly enjoyed reading other bloggers posts on what they got.  I was lucky and got a lot of things I asked for as well as some other bits.  My stocking was extremely good this year, I had some Lush goodies and a iTunes gift card as well as the usual essentials.  I also received a Kindle, with giftcard, from my Mum and Dad, as well as another bottle of my favourite perfume, Chloe.  I got a couple of boxsets to add to my ever growing collection (it's huge, i'm a sucker for American TV), including True Blood 1-3 and The Vampire Diaries season 2.  Beauty wise, my favourite presents were my Clinique Chubby Stick and Benefit They're Real mascara.  

All in all I was very lucky this year! What was your favourite Christmas present?


  1. you got the wand!!!! i bought it for my sister and forgot to get myself one. I am now out of lush goodies, as my snow fairy is verging on empty. The sale online wouldn't work for me :( it was down for the whole time and when i got on it the sale had gone , and no shop here , mew mew mew x

  2. you got some lovely presents! i love the vampire diaries, i'm so excited for it to come back in jan <3 xx

  3. Jem - Yes, it was in my stocking, I could smell it through the wrapping! xx

    Shannon - Thank you! I'm excited too, I need Damon and Elena back on my screen ASAP! xx

  4. Wow! You certainly made out well this christmas! You're definitely very well stocked up on beauty supplies, LOL. I love Chloe too!

  5. Wow looks like you had a great Christmas! I love the vampire diaries and my sisters Kindle fits wonderfully in my bag when I travel :-p shame I got it covered n sand and dropped it on a rock in Portugal. Oops!

    Laura x

  6. Mallory - I think i'll be okay in that department for a while ha!

    Laura - TVD is better than Twilight in my opinion, and I LOVE twilight... I love my Kindle at the moment!

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas! My favorite gift was my Keurig, I love that thing and haven't given it a rest yet. I also cannot get enough of Vampire Diaries and am still torn on whether I love Stefan or Damon more.

  8. wow what a great set of presents :D i love the clinique chubby sticks will be interested in how you get along with it :D

  9. Thanks girls!

    Tina - I'm falling for Damon more and more these days! x

    Steph - I'll probably post a review soon, but I'm loving using it so far! x


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