Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Beauty Review: Liz Early Daily Face Treats

I'm back after an extremely Christmassy weekend! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, let me know what you all got in the comment bar below! 

I recently purchased the Liz Earle Daily Face Treats gift set for myself, so that I could try both the Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Skin Repair Moisturiser.  For £15.25 you receive both these items as well as the infamous Cleanse and Polish (with muslin cloth) in deluxe trial sizes.  I have been using the Cleanse and Polish a little over a year and have found it has done wonders for my skin.  After years of searching for a good skin routine, including Clinique's 3 step, and being left with extremely dry skin, I think I have finally found it!

In the past week that I have used the products, I have noticed a significant change in my skin.  The redness, including pimple scarring, has died down dramatically, my pores are a lot smaller, my skin itself looks more radiant and feels extremely soft.  I will use the products twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to get off my make up.  

Cleanse and Polish - Full Size (100ml) Price £12.25
The cleanser is extremely creamy and thick and takes off all traces of make up (including my stubborn mascara) without any trouble at all.  If I had a lot of mascara on, I will coat my lashes with the product and leave it for a minute so that it comes off easier.  

Instant Boost Skin Tonic - Full Size (200ml) Price £12.25
I use this after cleansing, to ensure I have cleaned off all the cleanser and to freshen the skin up before moisturising.  In the morning I will use one cotton pad all over my face, whereas in the evening I will use 2-3 cotton pads with product to ensure all make up and cleanser is off my skin.  The Tonic smells amazing as well which is a bonus.  

Skin Repair Moisturiser - Full Size (50ml) Price £18.25
After using the Tonic, I will use a pea sized amount of the moisturiser all over my face and neck.  The texture is thick and creamy, but it isn't so thick that it is difficult to rub into the skin.  The fragrance from this, combined with the Tonic is heavenly and also calming - great just before bed! 

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the results and will be purchasing the full size set when I finish these off.  I highly recommend Liz Earle, whether you order online or are lucky enough to have a store near you (they are stocked in John Lewis as well as standalone shops) the service is always great.  The products are always wrapped and you will get a free sample of another product with any order/purchase.  Have you tried Liz Earle?


  1. I really want to change my skin care regime to Liz Earle products. I'm using Lancome now but i think it's time for a change, have heard nothing but good things about LE range x

  2. I don't think you can go wrong with Liz Earle, I've not really seen many if any bad reviews! x

  3. I still haven't tried my cleanse and polish, I want to use up my Shu Uemura and Kiehls products up first. I have come across so many great new products its hard to choose, but I am deffo excited to try LE x

  4. Glad to hear - you wont be disappointed! x

  5. i really want to try these, they are the first things i am buying once i finish all the half bottles of things i am bored with hehe :D

  6. I have the Cleanse and Polish and haven't tried it yet, I get the feeling I'm going to love it! I adore your blog background, going to check out some of your other posts now :) -- Tina

  7. Thanks for your kind comments Tina :) I really appreciate hearing that people enjoy my blog! x


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