Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fashionable Phone Accessories

I know, I've been a bit absent in the past week, what with a stupid amount of work all at once but I have just finished this weeks hand in and thought I'd celebrate with a blog post! Recently I've made the decision to buy out my Blackberry contract and get the new iPhone.  

I should have gone for an iPhone when my contract was up last year but I didn't and ever since the problem (you know the one where you could use your phone for 3 days?!) I've resented my Berry.  I wont be getting the phone until January (hello student loan) and I'm hoping T Mobile will give me a good deal as I still have 9/10 months left on the current contract.  Anyway, enough with the rambling.  I have been looking at phone cases (as you do 2 months in advance...) and realised that designer accessories are not actually that expensive.  The two I've looked at are DVF (of course) and Marc by Marc Jacobs.  


I really like this case but I wish it came in more colours and with different quote choices because Diane has some really good ones!

I love DVFs prints, these phone cases are slightly more expensive but from a choice of 5 they are gorgeous. 

I think I fell in love the moment I saw these... Might have to buy them as a christmas present to myself!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think this will be the phone case I get.  I was really shocked at the price.  Cath Kidston cases are about £25.00 each, so for an extra fiver you get a designer case.  These come in about 4 shades but obviously pink will win for me!

I like this design but I hate silicone cases.  I have one for my iPod Touch at the moment and it constantly falls off.  If this came in plastic I might be swayed towards it.  

This is one of two different phone cases - Miss Marc.  The other is Mr Marc. I think she's pretty cute but I want something simple and chic.  

Marc also does some really cute affordable jewellery which thanks to FleurDeForce, I was introduced to yesterday in this video.  

What are your thoughts and where do you fall in the big Blackberry - iPhone debate?

ALSO - I will be at the Handpicked Media Social on Monday 21st - will any of you be there? It would be nice to put faces to names!


  1. can't wait to get my iPhone too, i have to wait til January as well. I am only getting the 4 though x

  2. i fall into neither catgory.. it is all about android, thats what all the cool kids are doing :D

  3. This post is actually really helpful as I've just got an iPhone and inherited the bf's case (boring, but functional) and would like one that's more 'me'. :)

  4. Glad it helped Eve! I can't wait to get my iPhone!

    Android just doesn't float my boat Steph!

    Thanks for commenting guys, love you all! x


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