Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tusting Look Book Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I was sent to Bedford to assist on the Tusting Look Book shoot.  I had to get up at 5.30am (a time I hope to NEVER see again) to get a train into central and through blurry eyes I managed to get to Kings Cross and onto the train.  Once we made it to Bedford and were taken to our location, that alarm clock seemed all the more worth it.  We turned up to the Tustings farm where we were greeted by a field of cows.  Of course, as respectable 'adults' we decided that the mature thing to do would be to try and get them to come over to us... 

Once we'd gotten over the cow situation we really took in the beautiful house.  The pictures just don't do it justice.  Now then, before I go on I will fill you in on Tusting.  If you have never heard of Tusting, you've probably been living under a rock as they've been around for donkeys years.  Tusting create luxury luggage and leather products and have been doing it ever since 1875 (pretty expert by now).  They've been seen in Vogue's October issue and even have the Royal stamp of approval with both Wills and Kate having a Tusting bag of their very own (and we all know how much I love Kate).  

Back to the shoot... Here are some photos from the day!

This Aston Martin turned up for the shoot and quickly became the star attraction.  

That's all until the next Push PR adventure! Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine this weekend!


  1. loooove the style of the shoot!! and that car! xx

  2. I love seeing posts like this, a "behind the scenes" insight. Gorgeous pics! Off to check out Tusting's website now :) x

  3. you seem to be having an amazing time at push :D


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