Monday, 12 September 2011

Small but Pricey

I haven't been able to shop as much over the last few months as I once did, and perhaps that was a blessing in disguise.  Whilst riding the bus to work one morning my iPod began to play up.  I dismissed this, thinking it wasn't used to being depended on so much during a commute.  How wrong was I.  My four year old iPod gave up the ghost on me, he wouldn't change a song for five minutes at a time and he certainly wouldn't let me change the volume (which at times made me look to be a mental thrash lover, when really that isn't the case).  One of the only perks of being a part timer at Tesco is the 10% discount which comes in mighty handy when you need a new iPod.  I managed to get a new iPod Touch for around £200.  I kinda feel like I'm slowly turning into a 'Mactard', last year it was the Macbook, this year the iPod Touch and next year I will be changing from Blackberry to iPhone...

On Wednesday my best friend will turn 21 which calls from drunken fun and a lot of dancing.  It also gives me an excuse to buy a new outfit (not that I ever really need an excuse).  I decided to go for something different than a dress, which is what I usually go for.  I found that all the party dresses looked the same where ever you go.  

£38.00; 18 AND EAST
I have a thing for chiffon shirts, like I do floral patterns.  When I was on shoot with the 18 AND EAST girls, I fell in love with the bird print cut out shoulder shirt, which I mentioned here.  I thought the bird print was a little too day time and after seeing this colour thought it would be perfect for a night out.

I'm planning on wearing this with a black shiny leggings and killer heels and accessorising with this necklace.

£12.50; Topshop

I've also bought a plain black spaghetti strap tee from Asos to wear underneath the shirt, which was only dispatched yesterday, so i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it gets here by Wednesday.  

What do you like to wear on a night out?


  1. i bet the outfit will look great :D

  2. I love that blouse, love the colour of it - beautiful! Am sure you will look great have a lovely time out on your friends birthday xxxx


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