Thursday, 21 July 2011

Glossy Box #2 June: Product Reviews

This blog has been well overdue, what with my third GlossyBox on its way!  I've been super busy at Push PR, can't quite believe i've been here seven weeks almost, I never want to leave. Is anyone interested in a little catch up of what I've been up to?  If so leave a comment below! 

It's about time I got onto the product reviews from my second GlossyBox.  I was extremely excited and curious to see how the girls over at Team Glossy were going to trump the May box.  Unfortunately, Team Glossy have received mixed reviews with their latest box. I loved the whole idea of theming the boxes, but couldn't quite get over the fact that one product was not luxurious at all.

As a small recap, the June box included:
(L-R) Mama Mio Body Buff, Lalique Perfume, BioEffect EGF Serum, OPI and Batiste.  These reviews will be in order of popularity, 1 being my most favourite, 5 being my least favourite. 

#1 OPI
I was really excited about the OPI sample, which I immediately donned for a night out.  It has fast become a favourite product of mine and without a doubt I'd repurchase this in a heartbeat. 
Would I Re-Purchase?
Yes, without a doubt. 

#2 Mama Mio Body Buff
This product is amazing.  I've never had such soft and beautiful legs in my entire life.  The micro beads really exfoliate your legs well and plus it smells amazing.
Would I Re-Purchase?
Yes, this is a must have for fake tan junkee's too as it helps the fake tan glide on without the streaking!

#3 Lalique Perfume
In all honesty, I haven't worn this everyday.  I do however love it and think it's one of those 'special occasion' perfumes for when I want to feel, look and smell a million dollars. 
Would I Re-Purchase?
This brand is known for it's hefty price tags, but I'd definitely put it on my Christmas list!

#4 Batiste

Surprisingly, this isn't my least favourite product.  I use this product a lot, even before GlossyBox sent it to me, so it was nice to have a handbag size for travelling around.  I still feel a bit let down that this was included in the GlossyBox as it's not luxy. 
Would I Re-Purchase?
Always and forever, Batiste is a must buy for anyone. 

#5 Bioeffect EGF Serum
 I don't think this product actually does anything for my skin at least.  I really wasn't impressed with it, even more so when I saw the whopping £125.00 price tag for about 15ml?!
Would I Re-Purchase?
Even if I won the lottery, no. 

So that's it, I've just recieved news that my July box is at home, so this may be a very Glossy day on Non Optional.  What were your thoughts on this months products?

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  1. i pretty much felt the same about all the products and had them in the same order as you. the nail polish was amazing though :D


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