Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Student loans arrived and it's burning a hole through my pocket...

It's that time again, when christmas comes early for students in the form of a gorgeous wad of cash in our bank accounts.  Now, I was due to give most of it to my parents, but I found that I'd pretty much paid off my Macbook Pro, leaving me with a nice little amount in my bank account, to spend until payday next Friday.  Already, I have run up the road and booked myself a cut and blow dry as my hair in in dyer need of a trim.  I'm getting it re-styled, although it wont be anything dramatic.  If you didn't see my hair ideas post then this is what I'm going for:

Let's call it 'The King'
It wont be a drastic change but I love the cut!  

ALSO, check out Mollie's hottie of a boyfriend:
I wont lie, i'm pretty jel.  Anyway, back on topic now girls...

I'm getting my hair feathered (sounds like something dangerous!) next Friday, so I wanted it cut before.  Of course I've been screen shopping (window shopping of the online world for those of you wondering).  I've found this dress on ASOS:

Lipsy; £48.00
How cute is that?! I'm thinking pair it with a denim jacket for a casual day look, and perhaps a biker jacket to switch it up for night.  I love the gorgeous lace detailing and of course, the peter pan collar!

On my travels across the net I also found the Urban Decay Naked Palette, IN STOCK, which I've been wanting for a very long time.  I have agreed with myself (with the aid of my Twitter peeps + loyal best friend), that I will purchase it tomorrow, if I pass my driving test as a treat.  I have to pass tomorrow, it's my fourth test now!  Plus, me and my parents found a really pretty car today which would be perfect.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, if I pass there will be a MAC giveaway - more on that tomorrow (hopefully).  
Also, I know I will buy this palette if I fail, i'm useless like that...

In other events, expect a short haul by the end of the week!  I have purchased a few beauty items and I am testing them out to give a little review on each.  I'm also going to be doing a Tips, Tricks and Cheats post on the Sleek Contour Kit.  

Now, back to staring at that gorgeous man on Mollie's arm.  It's a hard life being a Saturday...


  1. wonderful photos! xoxo

  2. GOOD LUCK! I hope you do my soon to be taxi driver! I had to say goodbye to the majority of my loan :( but I did buy some new beauty products to try x

  3. Good luck!!! :) xxx



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