Monday, 2 May 2011

And the angels started to sing 'Hallelujah'.

Last night, I made a beauty find that would trump all beauty discoveries for years to come.  Ever heard of a BirchBox?  You know, that insanely cool and cheap subscription which sends you five high end beauty products per month?  Well many UK beauty bloggers and gurus alike were devastated when they couldn't get involved.  Fear not, GlossyBox has arrived!  For only £10pm you could have five luxurious high end products straight to your door.  

Pretty isn't she?

Yes, the GlossyBox is the UK equivalent and it hopes to rival the BirchBox.  How will it achieve this?  Well they are called GlossyDots, you can earn them simply by reviewing the products you receive each month on the GlossyBox website.  Earn 20 points and get a free box, which is a pretty fair deal.  

This went viral around all fashion and beauty bloggers last night and rumour has it that one of the products could be from NARS.  If this is true, I'm hoping for Orgasm blush or Laguna bronzer (but it's NARS, i'll be happy with what I get).  

What's your verdict girls?  
Head over to now to order your first box!


  1. Woo! The word is spreading, so glad I'm signed up for this :)

  2. That would be exciting post to open!


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