Monday, 25 April 2011

A week full of celebrations!

I hope you all had a Merry Easter weekend, I spent Saturday in Tesco and yesterday in the garden with my family, playing games with my niece.  I still can't quite believe how gorgeous the weathers been, I think this may be the first Easter in a while where we've enjoyed it in the sun.

I've got a rather busy week ahead, which is a complete contrast to the one just past.  Today, I ended up in Guildford shopping for my brothers birthday present, but of course they didn't have what I intended to get.

Instead, I decided to surprise my best friend, who was bored at work and I couldn't wait until Thursday to give her a big ol' cuddle.  I think she was happy by the pounce I received.

This is such an old photo, about this time last year when we were revising (or watching sex and the city/friends re-runs) for the English exam with our beloved Heathcliff.  

Tomorrow I have two interviews for summer internships at PR agencies Modus and Push.  I am not nervous about them, although I'm not looking forward to getting to both of them as the last interview I had I got rather lost.  This time I have maps, times of trains etc.  I'll keep you posted, I hope to get one of them.

I will end up working for Peoples Rev...

Wednesday is going to be a pretty chilled day, I only have a driving lesson and then the house to myself. I'll probably be prepping my organs for Thursday evening (this includes apologising too...)

This is what the back of my driving instructors car looks like when I'm off to uni afterwards...

Thursday I finally get girl time with my best friend, she's coming round after University to get ready for her beau's 21st birthday night out (now you understand the apologies to my internal organs).  I'm planning on wearing and LBD with these House of Holland tights which I won on ebay over the weekend (providing they get here on time).  

I'm going to try and inject some colour with my accessories as I'll be wearing black heels too most likely.  Look out for an outfit of the night look on Friday.  

Me and the birthday boy last summer.

On Friday, I'll be recovering whilst watch Wills and Kate marry (I'm excited and I don't care!)

What have you got planned this week?

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  1. good luck with your interviews, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you :) I look forward to seeing you outfit of the night look too


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