Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Voluminous Locks

Ever looked at Cheryl Cole and thought, I want your hair?  Do you ever get sick of your limp and lifeless (say in the Tweedy accent if you must) locks?  Well I for one know I do.  

I used to have extremely thick hair, until I had a pair of straighteners bought for me.  It was around the time that GHDs were becoming popular and I had begged for them each year for christmas and birthday, only to be bought cheaper equivalents that claimed to be better.  Of course, they weren't any better, instead they ripped out my hair as I straightened, which I was unaware of until one day my mum pointed out a bald patch.  That christmas I got rid of the hair murderers and got given a pair of GHDs.  I'm not saying that GHDs are good for your hair, excessive use can seriously damage it, but they don't rip out your hair.  

This blog is going to be a mixture of reviews of products and also tips to get that extra volume or bounce to your hair.  First up we have a shampoo and conditioner from the Umberto Giannini 'Glam Hair' range which claims to be 'catwalk glamour in a bottle'.  
£5.61 from Boots
This shampoo has glitter in it's formula to help give a great glamourous shine.  It preps hair for products and hair styling tools.  My first impressions have been great, although it does dry your hair out a bit, so I only recommend this for a big night out.  

£5.61 from Boots
Next, you should use this conditioner, to stop hair feeling extremely dry.  
TIP:  Concentrate applying this product on your ends and the lengths.  Avoid roots, as this will weigh down the hair leaving you with limp, flat hair plus it can encourage your hair to get greasy quickly.  When I first used this I was impressed with its thick consistency which moisturised my hair nicely, although I was disappointed with the lack of glitter!

£5.61 from Boots
I have ranted and raved about this product.  It really works!  
TIP:  Put your fingers together firmly and pump onto them, rub between both hands and make sure you get it in the fingers.  Then rub the mousse into your roots only - this is where you'll get all the lift and volume.  If you have time, leave to dry naturally.  In a rush?  Blow dry, tipping your head forward using fingers rather than a brush to encourage more root lift.  Style as normal.  

£5.61 from Boots
A lot of bloggers and beauty guru's rant and rave about this product and after getting it right I can see why.  You need to spray on the roots, a bout 15cm away and then massage in to create more voluptuous volume!  
TIP: Cheaper alternative?  I find that dry shampoo's also give a bit of volume when you use them.  Apply in the same way as backcomb in a bottle.  Batiste also now do dry shampoo for coloured hair, great for hiding roots in between colours!

£5.61 from Boots
This is my holy grail hairspray, i'll never ever use another (unless I'm extremely skint and my Advantage points wont stretch that far...)  It has great hold and also gives you instant volume with a quick spritz.  

TIP:  Do you like Blake Lively's voluminous locks? Well her actual hairdresser has told us how he sprays hairspray onto his fingers (not too much, don't want to have sticky hair!) and massages into her roots to give some ooomph.  I've tried this and it does work extremely well!  

If you want to try the Umberto Giannini 'Glam Hair' range, it is currently on 3 for 2 in Boots, bargain!
Have you got any tips or products that you use for extra volume? Please share...


  1. I love the Swarzkopf Osis Dust it powder, it's really amazing but pretty expensive (£11).
    I mostly just seriously backcomb my hair at the roots. xxx

  2. I haven't tried the Umberto Gianni range lately, I used to love their Curl Friends range as a teenager and the smell of it still makes me feel 17 lol! Will def check those products out, thanks for the great post :)


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