Friday, 29 April 2011

Isn't she lovely.

I bet you're all sick to death of Royal Wedding chatter but I couldn't resist posting these beautiful photos on my blog.  Catherine Middleton arrived at the Abbey a commoner in a gorgeous McQueen lace dress, with inspiration coming from Grace Kelly no doubt.  The blushing bride then met her Prince at the end of the aisle, to which he said "you look beautiful", those three words will take on a new meaning to girls all around the world.  After a ceremony which proved quite emotional (I'm sure I saw Kate shed a few tears as she walked down the aisle), we were graced with a new Princess who will bring a breath of fresh air to the Monarchy.  They led a procession to which Kate turned to Wills and beamed "I'm so happy".  That you should be! 

Catherines father gave her away to an emotional William who told her "you look beautiful."

They said their vows with no mistakes, a sign of a perfect marriage.  

They emerged from the Abbey as husband and wife.  

That kiss, which happened twice which left William blushing, "No more!"

What did you think of todays events? Apparently there is another surprise yet to come when the couple leave the Palace at around 3.30pm.


So the surprise was Prince William driving his fathers Aston Martin which was most likely decorated by his brother, Prince Harry.  This was a lovely touch and seems very much the couples own input to their big day.

Another stunning dress, again designed by Sarah Burton, for the evenings events.  Doesn't she look radiant and so genuinely happy?

Now all that is left is to see whether that spark between Pippa and Prince Harry amounts to anything (The Middletons would really be on a role there).  


  1. So fast. hehe I know Catherine looks so lovely. I adore her dress. xx

  2. She looked absolutely stunning, I loved her dress... it's so perfect!

  3. I loved watching the wedding, a little piece of history! Kate looked stunning and truely happy.



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