Sunday, 20 March 2011

A quiet weekend.

Blogging wise, i've been quiet this weekend due to working all day yesterday and being at my sisters today, so I apologise.  I mentioned on Friday I was going shopping as it was pay day and I couldn't have been more disappointed by my lack of purchases.  

It all began well, I went into HMV and picked up these two DVDs which were 2 for £10 or £7 each.  

It then went downhill from there on in.  I saw a million and one things in Topshop I wanted to put in my wardrobe but I can't always justify the prices that just seem to be forever increasing.  

I then went on to MAC and purchased my first Lipglass.  

This colour is not dissimilar from the NARS lipgloss I had my eyes on, but at five pounds cheaper, I decided to go with MAC.  I really like the colour against my skin tone and also they smell really lovely, they are just a tad too sticky for my liking.  I will probably end up wearing this shade to death as it is just so lovely.  I'll try and do a face of the day blog post when wearing this.  

I also went to LUSH and purchased the bubblegum lip scrub which everyone has been raving about.  

First off, this product smells incredible.  Bearing in mind I have had a cold and I couldn't smell or taste anything, I opened this pot and instantly got a pleasant wiff.  I've used it quite a bit and I really like it.  I'll do a full review on this product in the next week.  

That was it for my appauling shop, I have however just purchased this book from Amazon:

I really can't wait for this to arrive in a few days, I absolutely adore this lady and reckon it's going to be an entertaining read!  

That's all for now, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Tell me what you got up to!

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