Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oversized carries over to Paris

In one of my earlier Fashion Week blogs, I picked up on the oversized trend coming back and it seems that this will be a big statement with it carrying over to Paris Fashion Week.  

Dries Van Noten showed their Ready-To-Wear collection today, consisting of contrasting prints, fur and some oversized numbers.  Here are some of my favourite looks straight from the catwalk.  Pictures courtesy of our beloved

Monochrome jumper which appears baggy on arms and body, cuffs in at the neck and wrists.  This is quite a warm, wearable look.  The skirt looks to be leather, another trend that seems to be on a lot of catwalks for next season.  

This is more of an understated, oversized look.  The sleeves are fairly baggy against the models arm, perfect for someone who isn't very comfortable with their arms. I love the slight hint of colour here with the camel ankle boots.  

Extremely similar to the first look, except the colours are different.  I also think the styling for this is a lot better, the jumper flows nicely onto the skirt and from there down to the shoes.  Again, another hint of colour brought by the shoes.  

An easy oversized piece would be palazzo pants.  I love the dirty orange colour, it contrasts nicely with the busy print which looks to have a fur lining - brilliant for keeping warm!

So those are the looks I liked, but what do you think of this oversized trend? Like it or loathe it? It's definitely more extreme to the last time we went oversized.  I for one, am looking forward to being able to bundle a few layers on underneath a baggy garment.  

Also, there seems to be an heir of seventies about the catwalks for next season, the extreme prints, the palazzo pants taking over from the flares - what do you guys recon? Should I invest in an afro wig?


  1. I like this type of fashion!! And as funny as it may seem - i already invested in an afro wig...but the event is: Carnival!!!!

    jos xx

  2. I see what you mean! I'm way too short for anything oversized, so I have to say I loathe it! Lovely post! Thankyou for your comment, following!

  3. im actually loving it! now, dont get me wrong, i like it to be done porportionately (like if you're gonna go baggy on top, pair it with leggings or skinnys), or vice versa, but i seriously hope it stays around for a while!

    <3 megan

  4. Sorry about that, think it worked this time!

  5. thanks so much for supporting my blog, im now following yours as well!

  6. Of course, following you now, love!



  7. great looks! and oversized stuff is so good :)


    p.s. thank you so much for following!

  8. I love oversized. It's comfortable and I don't mind the fact that it's fashionable ;) Win win!



  9. Oversized bags are definitely my favourite of the oversized variety haha. Love big jumpers too :) xx

  10. definitely feeling the oversized trend, looser shapes and more fabric floating around!

  11. wow, looks great :))

    LOVE minnja

  12. Haha, afro wig! :P I really really want an oversized clutch (like maaasive one!) does that count as an oversized trend? :P

  13. Hi lovely, thanks for following! Happily following you now also. Come back again soon :)

    x K
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