Thursday, 3 March 2011

100 Followers left me with a spring in my step.

First of all, to all my amazing followers, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I got to the 100 followers mark last night and I squealed with delight.  Fashion is my passion (I'm a poet and didn't know it) and I'm so glad you all enjoy my posts and comment on them daily.  I've decided to hold a giveaway to celebrate this, but i'm afraid it wont be for a couple of weeks as I have no money at the moment! I'll keep you posted, but what prize would you like to see in my giveaway? Please remember that I'm a student and therefore I wont be able to buy you a Chanel bag, as much as i'd like to! 

Glamour are celebrating 10 years in publishing by giving readers free Clinique products.

I managed to get my hands on Glamour magazine today, if you haven't seen the blogs about this, basically they are giving away a free Clinique product with every magazine.  There are 10 to collect and I got, Take The Day Off, make up remover.  My mum is planning on getting me a couple more issues as they are giving away my holy grail mascara (high imapact) and the all about eyes cream which I've been dying to try! 

The best mascara in the world.


  1. Congratulations on a 100 followers xx

  2. Ohh congrats babe!
    I cant wait until I get to 100, I'm nearly there...ish, 30 more to go!
    I'm getting impatient now! Haha :)
    Nah, well good for you!
    Cant wait for the giveaway, maybe some haircare products? As that isnt done very often..?
    Izzy x

  3. Congrats on your 100 followers! I can understand your happiness as I was delight as much as you are when I recently saw my first 100 as well :)

    jos xx

  4. congrats hon and thank u for stopping by i m sure following u back xo

  5. congrats on 100 followers girl!!!
    no chanel giveaway?! darn. just kidding!!!!!
    hope u have a wonderful day!

    <3 megan

  6. Congrats!! Had no idea that Glamour was giving away beauty products with their mag. Have to go get a copy now.

  7. I thought it wasn't out until tomorrow, gah bet they would have all gone now!! Was going to get a couple. I am going to do a giveaway too, *celebratory dance* to us both!


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