Sunday, 6 February 2011

One year older but am I any wiser?

My birthdays looming, the 25th in case you were wondering.  I have a lot planned and i'm looking forward to it, but when it comes to what I want, I just don't know.  I would like to add to my Links of London sweetie charm bracelet as my three charms are getting lonely.  Here's a few i've been admiring...

Strawberry Charm £45 £12.99

Four Leaf Clover £45 £12.99

Plain Peep Toe Shoe  £45 £12.99

They are all in the sale which is nice, I couldn't find the coat hanger, which was originally on my Christmas List.  

There's also a few things from Topshop i'd like:




I can't wait to see what I get on my birthday, I'm planning on going shopping on my birthday too so fingers crossed. 

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