Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lacking everything.

Today i've been lacking in many areas.  I've been wanting to blog for a few hours but no inspiration has come.  I'll blame the weather, it's stressing me out.  We are shooting our 3 page editorial on Thursday and we hope to do it outside in a park, but at the moment this looks unlikely.  Luckily we have the studio booked. 

In other news, I have a trial on Tuesday for Weekly Wrinkle as the editor-in-chief couldn't decide on who to choose.  I'm looking forward to proving my worth.  This internship would be invaluable to me and I have a great idea for a series of blogs to go along with it!  
I've also met someone and as it's a day before valentines, this fills my heart with hope that cupids being nice this year.  

I found this picture and I love it:

I adore tigers and the art of trompe l'oeil.  

How's your day been my pretties? 


  1. That piece of art is amazing - i love things like that! Well done on the internship, you'll have to tell me more about that :) and a new guy?! I'm excited for you :) hope you've had a good weekend xx

  2. excuse me don't ignore my tweet, spill this dishy news on this guy? the rest right now can wait.

  3. Wow! :)
    Ooh, new guy on the block!?
    Congrats x


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