Thursday, 17 February 2011

He loves me, he loves me not...

It's been a fairly productive week for myself, I had a trial for an internship and today we shot our pictures for our university imaging brief project.  We, (when I say we, I mean myself and Jemma over at Floral Etiquette) were influenced by Lula magazine.  It was a good day meeting up with a model and make up artist who both did smashing jobs.  We had to style and photograph the shot which was brilliant experience.  A lot of my time was spent directing the shots and also playing around with the set.  

I don't want to give away our final images but I was excited to show you a taster of things we got today, so here is a couple of pictures, feedback is welcomed.

The title of the shoot is 'Teenage Dream'.


  1. I <3 it!
    Its really inspirational :)
    <3 the post
    a loyal follower and fan :)
    izzy x

  2. The shoot looks beautiful, can't wait to see the full thing =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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