Monday, 7 February 2011

Apparently I'm a versatile blogger, why, thank you!

A weekend at Tesco's and a lack of blogging left me surprised to find that I had been given 'The Versatile Blogger' award from Non Optionals best blogger pal, Floral Etiquette.  Firstly, a thank you is in order!

Secondly, I am to write seven things about myself (suppose it's a bloggers thank you speech?).  I'll try to make it interesting as i've written many of these blogs before.  

1.  I coincidently named this blog Non Optional before starting at University.  It turned out, a blog was a mandatory part of the course.  

2.  I'm going to Berlin in April and plan to go on holiday in June with my two best girlfriends, Lauran and Beth.  I want to start travelling more, and now I have disposable income this is now a lot easier to do.  

3.  I received £13.50 in Clubcard vouchers which is £1.50 short of an Elle Magazine subscription.  I have a feeling my managers did this as an evil ploy to get me to spend more at lunch.  

4.  I had two dogs as a child and I miss them dearly.  

5.  I am a CW addict.  If you don't know what The CW is, shame on you.  Google it. You'll probably find you're an addict too.  

6.  I've always been particularly pro-family but lately I've been finding that having no boyfriend has it's upsides.  I have no distraction and i'm getting involved in everything which may enhance my career.  I'm becoming Miranda Hobbs by way of career motivation.  I still want to get married and have babies though...

7.  My favourite designer is Diane Von Furstenburg.  She's a complete babe.

So i'll pass this award on to five lovely people.  And the winners are (hold for drum roll)...


  1. thanks for the birthday wishes!! nice award :)

    F. ( x

  2. Love your blog. Really super cute.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and defo c u around :-)




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