Sunday, 9 January 2011

Want, want want.

So, I'm currently blogging, reading blogs and making my own fashion dictionary.  But what I really want to do, is some serious online shopping.  Unlike my fellow uni friends, I only get a maintenance grant as I live at home, and most of that payment will be to my parents for the £1200 loan they gave me to buy my MacBook Pro.  I want to buy some wedge ankle boots, i'm hoping these will be available from Epsom's New Look: 


I've blogged about them before I know, but I really want them.  With 20% off for students in store, if they don't have them I'll simply cry.  

Thanks to my friend over at floral etiquette, I also now want some dollybowbow jewellery:

These are gorgeous and so cheap! 

£50, Topshop
I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it, I have a work party coming up and I think this could be my birthday dress as well (25th Feb incase you want to buy me a present).  Together with my newly highlighted hair (bring on the 22nd), some lovely accessories and killer heels, what could go wrong?

I also want some benefit make up, so it looks like for the most part I'll be waiting for payday, which thankfully is next friday. Back to the fashion dictionary...

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