Thursday, 13 January 2011

I Spy! Introducing my new feature.

With so many fashion blogs out their i've been thinking of ways to make mine different from others.  I'm hoping my new feature 'I Spy' will do just that.  The basic concept is that i'll be on the hunt for slightly odd, or just 'different' trends.  I'll then leave it up to you to answer: yay or nay.  As i've just been writing about menswear my first 'I Spy' will be focused on it.  I hope you enjoy this new feature, and any feedback would be lovely.  Here goes!


I Spy: Mens Sheer Shirts?

Gaspard Yurkievich's collection included a royal blue sheer shirt (pictured above) not unlike the recent sheer shirts women have been seen wearing.  Personally, I don't know if a man could pull it off.  Although the model looks gorgeous here, could you really see your other half in it?  I think gay men would be able to pull it off with their out their nature and their love for fashion, but I don't think we'll see straight guys wearing this look any time soon.  

However, Burberry showed sheer knit jumpers (above) which I can see going down better, unlike the shirt it would look acceptable to wear a tank underneath the jumper (if you weren't that comfortable with your body).

On this trend I vote nay.

So guys what will it be? Yay or Nay?

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  1. I vote YAY.

    A sheer black v-neck over a crisp white shirt and black tie - simple but yum!


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