Saturday, 29 January 2011

An evening with the fashion industry.

I've just come home from a horrific nine hour shift, eurgh.  

I thought i'd cheer myself up by reminiscing and blogging about my night out in Bethnal Green.  I was invited to attend a book launch for Amelia Gregory's new book 'Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration'.  I went with a couple of girls from university and after a series of 'are we there yet's, we arrived fashionably late.  

It was packed full of creative beings like myself and I found myself extremely humbled to know that the likes of Sarah Scribbles had read my blog and liked it.  If I haven't said it before, everyone who reads this blog supports me and my budding career in their own way, and I cannot thank you enough.  A few free vodkas later and a quick mooch about the venue, we met Amelia herself whilst she signed our books.  It was lovely to meet someone so devoted to an ethical way of life. 

The night also gave me knowledge of a band I hadn't heard of, 6 Day Riot.  They were really good, getting the drunken crowd involved in their antics.  The lead signer also looked the part in her peacock feathered headpiece.  

*There was ALOT more in the goodie bag...

A highlight of the night was the goodie bag - i'm a sucker for a freebie! The best thing was this Moleskine notepad and Tatty Devine necklace, both designed specifically for the book launch.  There were also postcards and bookmarks which will be stuck here and there around my boudoir.  

Enough of the rambling, It was a lovely evening.  I'm now to spend no more money until pay day otherwise i'll be in debt for years! Ah well, all in the name of fashion!

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