Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Slightly Off Topic...

I apologise for the not so fashion blog today but I feel this blog was important enough to put up on here.

Anyone who know's me, knows that I absolutely adore The Saturdays and i'm so happy that they are the face of the 2010 Poppy Appeal. Tomorrow at 10.58am will see Trafalgar Square come to a halt for two minutes of silence remembering those we lost during the world wars and now those we lost out in afghanistan. The girls will be performing a song a few minutes before called 'Here Standing'.

For me, tomorrow, is about remembering my grandpa, whom i hardly knew. He fought for us in World War 2 and he is one of my home grown heroes and I wish he was still here today to tell me all about it. Remember to take those minutes of silence and respect the boys that have fought so hard for us over so many years.

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