Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New Make Up Products

I recently flicked through my weekly instalment of more! magazine when I came across two products.  One was a foundation by Max Factor which had been given rave reviews and another was Barry M 'Nail Effects' which i'd happily rename 'Magical Nail Goop'.

Xperience foundation is Max Factors new product, and it's gorgeous.  It's light, and covers well and gives the skin an appealing glow, not the oily one some products can give you.  I managed to get it for £9.99 as an introductory price, but it's now gone up to £12.99.  The only problem I found with it was how much you get, I know it will last me at least two months but I feel a 50ml bottle would be more substantial that 30ml.

I stole this top image from google, i'll post my picture below.  Barry M trumps all nail varnishes as far as i'm concerned.  Although I love my Chanel polish i'm not willing to pay £16.50 every time and at £2.99 a bottle, you can't really go wrong with Baz. I genuinely thought that i was going to be conned out of £3.99 (its slightly more expensive, probably because it contains magic dust) but I was plesantly suprised. You apply a base colour first, for mine I chose Chanel in Django and then apply Nail Effects over the top.  It takes only 5second for the pattern to appear and a further 5 seconds to dry.  I really recommend people try it, it is really good. 
Here's one I made earlier, Neil Buchanan eat your heart out:

Any make up you think I should try? Leave a comment and let me know. I think i'll do more make up reviews in the future.  


  1. 'Probably because it contains magic dust'

    I love you. Xxxx

  2. I have that foundation, It's dead good x

  3. I have that nail varnish! love it x


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