Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I know, where have I been?

So deadlines are coming down on me fast and I apologise massively for the lack of blogging. Christmas is coming, and that can only mean two things. Presents and the Tesco Girls and Gays night out.  Naturally, the thought of a night off work and a night out with the work lot has excited me to no end. It's a twenties themed evening, but after our 20s fashion lecture, I don't think a curvaceous girl like me could pull off a flapper dress. 

So instead i'm going to take the glamorous aspect of the 20s and use it to my advantage.  I've bought killer heels and a lovely dress (see below).  I have never been so excited about a pair of shoes before and although i'll probably fall to my death saturday night, at least it will be in style.

I've decided to go smokey with the eyes and i'm not sure whether i'll be wearing them with vamp-esk lips.  I should be having my hair cut tomorrow, providing the snow isn't too bad.  Will post some pictures Sunday.  

If you're interested - the shoes and dress are from dressrail.com 

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