Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New In | New Years Beauty Buys

I'm not sure what it is about the festive period, but after Christmas and into the New Year I always get this overwhelming urge to splurge. I went sales shopping over the weekend and typically, my beauty haul consisted of full price only items. 

First up was an essential repurchase, of which I knew would never be in sale. Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in 10 Beige is my go to everyday foundation and my current bottle is putting up a serious fight to give me product. At an eye-watering £33, this isn't the most purse-friendly option but I simply cannot be without - a light to medium coverage that looks, feels and glows like skin should. 

Like most girls, I've been sucked into the Kylie Jenner mauve lip craze thanks to her incessant Instagram postings and research showed that MAC was the brand I needed. Amongst the few products the interweb threw out at me, Brave Lipstick (£15.50) seemed a common theme and so to the MAC counter I went. I asked to try on the lipstick first to ensure the colour suited my skin tone and it was love at first swipe. Brave is a satin finish, packed with pigment, a comfortable wear and has become a fast favourite in my makeup bag already. 

On a previous shopping excursion (told you I've been #feelingspendy) I popped into Jo Malone. I have been lusting over the Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrance since I happened upon a sample in a magazine. Unfortunately, they were out of the cologne but the consultant kindly gave me a generous sample of the Body Creme so I could at least try the fragrance on my skin. I cannot even begin to explain the commotion this fragrance has caused at home - I smothered my hands in it the minute I got through the door and my mum became obsessed with it too (Mother's Day present sorted). I went back in over the weekend and alas, they had restocked the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne - destiny some (me) might say. Lets be real, I'm crap at describing scents but the JM website tells me this 'woody' fragrance it has notes of Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt and Sage, but I also detect a hint of fig. Love. I will most definitely be adding the Body Creme to my birthday wishlist. 

Have you treated yourself to anything since Christmas?

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  1. I haven't really hopped on the Kylie Jenner mauve lip crazy yet (: but the lipstick really is pretty (:


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