Friday, 7 December 2012

Top 3 Foundations for Pale Skin

For us fair girls, finding a foundation that blends seamlessly into our skin tone has become increasingly difficult.  Have no fear Snow White's, I've found three bases that might just be what you're looking for. 

1. Liz Earle Signature Foundation* in #01 Porcelain; £21 - This is a foundation I've recently talked about in a lot of depth (review here), even going as far as calling it my HG foundation.  The colour is a fantastic match for my skin tone, and blends in without leaving a noticeable line around my face.  It's a medium, natural coverage, which gives a fresh, dewy finish when used over a moisturiser, or a matte finish if you use a primer such as Benefit's The POREfessional.  It has good staying power, only needing a touch up if you've got an oilier skin. The only negative is that you only get 25ml, whereas a standard foundation bottle is 30ml.  

2.  No7 Essentially Natural Foundation in Calico; £9.95 - When No7 launched their Match Made service at the end of August (read more here), I couldn't wait to try it out and see if they would have a shade for me, or if my reading would come back "too pale".  Fortunately, I was matched up to Calico and after having it applied to my skin by the make up artist, I fell in love.  Essentially Natural is a light to medium coverage foundation and leaves a dewy finish.  It lasts a reasonable amount of time on the skin, only needing touching up with powder after 4-5 hours of wear.  You get 40ml of product, making this a more affordable product as you get more for your money.  

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation* in #51; £10.99 - This is the most "orange" of the foundation choices, but still a nice choice if you blend it right.  It's said to be the high street dupe for Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua as it's a light to medium coverage which doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Again it leaves a dewy finish, but can be mattified with powder, which helps keep the product in place for longer too.  You get 30ml which is a standard amount for base products.  You can often find this product for around £7.99 when it's on offer in Boots, but Bourjois is currently on 3for2.  For a more in depth review of the foundation, click here.  

Out of the three, I find myself reaching for Liz Earle and No7 the most, although that will change when we get to the summer months and my skin darkens in the sun.  I haven't tried Nicola Roberts range, Dainty Doll, which is specially designed for fair women, as it's not easily available near me. 

What's your favourite foundation? 


  1. It's ridiculously expensive but I can't use any foundations from Boots, they're all too dark for me - Chantacaille's Future Skin is absolutely incredible if you're struggling for a foundation pale enough. Most fair girls have a red pigmentation to their skin, which is why you don't want a warm base as you end up orange, the slight hint of yellow combats that redness that seems to be exacerbated by the cold. Serena xxx

    1. I've heard a lot about Chantacaille as a brand, so I might look into it next time I'm in Space NK - I would rather pay the extra money and not look like an Oompa Lompa! x

    2. Honestly, it's amazing and the pot lasts about two months because it's so thick you don't need much and it's no greasier than other full coverage foundations. Pop it on your Christmas list! xxx

  2. I so pale it's unreal. I love this Liz Earle one but it's still too dark for me!


    1. That sucks! Have you tried the Dainty Doll range? x


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