Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Beauty Checklist

It's finally Christmas Eve and whilst today is mostly about cleaning the house from head to toe and some festive baking, I'll also be completing my beauty checklist, Christmas style.  Every year I seem to do exactly the same routine, in preparation for the big day. I usually leave washing my hair for Christmas morning, so I can enjoy a bath with some Lush goodies but before that I like to take care of my skin, brows and nails.  

When it comes to skin, I go all out.  Firstly, to get rid of any dirt, I cleanse with my favourite cleanser right now, REN's Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay cleanser. It says to use around one to two pumps and wash off with warm water, but for an extra exfoliation I use a muslin cloth.  Now that my pores are open, I find it best to tweeze my eyebrows.  Once my face is clean and my brows are groomed I then move on to a proper exfoliation, using Liz Earle's Gentle Face exfoliator. I like this product as it uses jojoba beads rather than a more abrasive exfoliant, which can sometimes leave my skin completely stripped. Next comes a face mask, I told you I go all out.  My skins playing up at the minute so I'll be using my trusty Origins Out of Trouble mask.  This product smells odd but really does the trick when it comes to pesky blemishes.  By now, my skin could do with a good douse of Embryolisse moisturiser for rehydration, after a quick spritz of my Liz Earle Skin Tonic.  

After working on my skin, I like to relax a little and paint my nails. I'm currently undecided whether to go for Chanel's Rouge Noir or Particuliere (let me know your choice in the comments!).  I file and shape my nails using a nail file before moving on to polish.  As I'm currently trying to grow my nails, I've been using OPI's Nail Envy as a base coat. I have mixed feelings on this product.  Some of my nails have really taken to it and have never been so long, but my thumbnails are quite different. They have been splitting at the sides, which they never did before I started using Nail Envy.  I'll persevere for a little while longer in the hope for long and strong talons. After the base coat, I apply two coats of the chosen colour and follow up with a top coat.  

Once my nails are dry, I usually just relax for the rest of the evening.  
Do you have a pre-Christmas beauty routine?

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