Monday, 5 November 2012

Remington Pearl Ci95 Hair Curling Wand

For years I envied the likes of Lauren Conrad, Cheryl Cole and Sophia Bush with their beautiful soft waves.  I tried recreating the look many times with my GHDs but after about thirty minutes, they had completely dropped back to a poker straight style. My hair is naturally wavy and so I thought should be able to hold a curl.  After seeing review after review last year about conical wands, I decided to purchase the Remington Pearl Ci95 and see what all the fuss was about.  

When I first bought it, I made the mistake of straightening my hair before curling, which one, meant applying an unnecessary amount of extra heat to my already damaged hair and two, they always dropped after an hour or more.  I'd somehow got it into my head that my frizzy wavy hair couldn't be curled from it's natural state and I put the wand away. Recently, I've pulled it out and decided to try it with my natural hair and I was incredibly surprised with the result.  Smooth, bouncy curls that lasted all day! 

L: Fresh curls. R: Curls at the end of the day.

The Ci95 is a tapered wand meaning that the smaller end will create tight, spiral curls, whereas the wider end will give you soft waves, just like I'd been lusting after.  The wand comes with a heat protective pouch and a glove to protect your fingers, which is handy as these wands get extremely hot.  This wand can get up to 210 degrees in temperature, although I usually go no higher than 180.  It takes about 20 minutes to curl my hair, using different sized sections The result isn't quite what I wanted, but it's still looks good nevertheless.  The big bonus is how long the curls stay.  After seven or eight hours, my hair still had volume and bounce and it stayed well into the next day.  

I'd really recommend wand if you're looking for a tool to give you curls that last all day but doesn't take hours to do.  I've got the bigger Ci9532 wand on my wish list to create the more glamourous big waves.  

Do you use a curling wand or straighteners?


  1. Thanks for reviewing these! I have them sitting in a box at home (they are a xmas pressie for myself haha), can't wait to try them out! xxx

    1. No problem, hope you get on well with them! x

  2. Thank for this great review about good curling wand. I had bought this for my wife


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