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Book Club | Cheryl: My Story

"The nation’s sweetheart, Cheryl has achieved unrivalled success with Girls Aloud, as a solo artist, a judge on the X Factor, a fashion icon and as the face of L’Oreal. However, the path to fame is rarely easy and for Cheryl it has been a colourful journey.  From happy but humble beginnings growing up on a tough Newcastle estate, Cheryl saw firsthand the damage that drugs and alcohol can do. But this feisty Geordie never gave up on her dreams of being on stage.  With success came a level of fame no one could prepare for. As Cheryl’s career went from strength to strength her personal heartache was played out in the national media. From her divorce to her battles with malaria, Cheryl's every move was captured by paparazzi. There was nowhere for Cheryl to hide. However, a true fighter, Cheryl emerged from every challenge stronger.  Now it’s Cheryl’s turn to set the record straight. In this heartfelt account, she opens up about all of the incredible ups and downs of her life. Told with searing honesty this is Cheryl as you’ve never seen her before."

I'm a big Cheryl fan and have been since the beginning when she first got into Girls Aloud. When I saw that she was releasing an autobiography, I initially wanted to read it to find out the truth about Ashley because there'd been so much speculation when they were together.  It was an entertaining read, although at times the writing was pretty basic.  I was quite shocked at how much she hates the paparazzi, becoming one of only a few celebrities who have been granted an injunction against them.  Cheryl talks very openly about her battle with Malaria, which is quite difficult to read especially when she was being told her organs were one by one shutting down.  

Although there were quite a few lows in the book, there were a lot of laugh out loud parts too, especially her relationship with Simon Cowell, who she described as money hungry and vain.  It was also quite funny reading about when she got arrested in Guildford, somewhere I shop and go out quite often myself.  There's also a great story of how Cheryl met Prince Harry on Simon Cowell's dressing room floor... If you like Cheryl, than you'll definitely like this book or if you just like to be nosey and find out more about people.  Like I said, it's not very well written but for the entertainment factor that can be forgiven.  

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  1. ah I have just read this and I found it quite a good read. I was quite shocked at her childhood though but the girls done good and I am glad she got to set the record straight on a few things

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    1. I wasn't surprised about her childhood, but her first two boyfriends were a bit shocking. Glad you enjoyed it! x

  2. My boyfriend got me this for christmas and i've just got round to reading it. I really enjoyed it, i think she was really truthfully and it made me love her even more. He also bought me Tulisa's autobiography and Cheryl's is 609 times better :)! xo

    1. Cheryl will always win over Tulisa haha! Glad you enjoyed it :) xx


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