Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Update #3

I haven't been able to post a Sunday Update over the past couple of weeks due to Christenings and other events keeping me busy so I guess this is more than just a weekly update. 

I've found myself totally sucked in by the Olympics. I'm not a sports fan usually so maybe it's because it's in our back yard or maybe I'm just getting older but I've been loving it.  My town was part of the cycle race so I took the opportunity to feel the Olympic atmosphere.  It was such a shame that mARK Cavendish didn't get gold but was amazing to see Team GB in the flesh! It's definitely Girl Power out  there but the boys are doing us proud too. Speaking of Girl Power - I cannot wait to see my Spice Girls during the Closing Ceremony tonight.  I really hope they perform a medley of all of their biggest hits! 

Recently I completed a placement at More! magazine (read all about it here) and I mentioned that I was going to be featured in the magazine. After not being in the last issue, I held my breath as to whether I would make it in at all but a week on and there I am! I wrote a solution on the Friendship Fixer page - the problem being "you care about your job more than me".  Hopefully the next time I'm featured in a magazine, it will be because I write for one! 

On Monday, after months of denial, I went for an eye test and found out that I needed glasses for distance use.  I knew this deep down and didn't fancy continually asking friends in lectures, "what does that say?" Me being me, I'd already been searching for frames I liked BEFORE I went for the eye test. I had Ray Bans in mind as I love my Wayfarer sunglasses that I bought in Spain.  On Wednesday I went to a couple of opticians that stocked the brand, the first had a poor selection of overpriced Ray Ban frames, but the second had a fantastic selection of the more 'fashion-y' styles.  Ellis & Thompson are an independent opticians in Cobham and if you're in the area I highly recommend them.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a friendly team who quickly showed me their frame selection and there they were, the Wayfarer specs I'd been eyeing up on the web.  I call them my Mini Wayfs and I absolutely love them, what do you think?  They told me that I could collect them within the hour, which I was pretty much gobsmacked about - I expected to be told a week at least.  They were pricey as most optical glasses are but they weren't as expensive as I thought.  

What have you been up to this week? 


  1. Love your glasses! Now you're a specky like me hehe. Cannot wait to see the spice girls tonight although I bet they don't sing live! Love your blog as usual xxxx

    1. I dont care if they sing live or not, it's still the Spice Girls! LOVE THEM! I am indeed a specky! Thanks for reading hun xx

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