Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My More! Magazine Experience

As most of you will know, I've recently completed a two week placement with my favourite weekly, More! magazine.  While I am sworn to secrecy when it comes to upcoming features and photoshoots, I thought I'd share my experience and the kind of things I got up to.  The most prominent lesson I learnt was that timing is everything - you've got to be in the right place at the right time.  

The first day was nerve-racking - although I was more nervous about the commute rather than actually walking into the More! magazine office. More! magazine is part of Bauer Media and is based along Shaftesbury Avenue in Endeavour House.  I started at 11am alongside two other girls and we joined a further two interns who'd been there for a week already, in the fashion workies corner.  We were told that our only job really was to return clothing to PR companies, something I expected.  The first couple of days were slow as the fashion cupboards were empty, awaiting call in's from PR's for the next shoots.  We sifted through the 'unknown' boxes, looking out for any jewellery we recognised so that we could send it back to the appropriate places. We also got to shortlist some bloggers we liked for the website, which was fun - It meant I got to catch up on some of my favourite blogs whilst at work.  

On the second day, myself and two of the others headed out at lunch to Hummingbird Bakery - a first for me - where we picked up a sweet treat before heading back to the office to devour it.  I chose a Red Velvet cupcake which was delicious.  One of my favourite things to do in London, if I'm not rushing around, is to walk around and see the sights.  We wandered past the Palace Theatre where Singin' in the Rain is currently running.  I thought the umbrella's were a good idea, seeing as we were experiencing a glorious summer of rain, rain and more rain.  

On Thursday, I was sitting with another intern surfing Fashion Monitor for returns addresses when the editors assistant came up and asked us if we'd be able to help out her intern on a little project.  We needed to go out and get some vox pops, asking 20 hot men that week's big question, which turned out to be 'Would you wear bum-enhancing pants?'  Of course, we jumped at the chance and set off for Carnaby Street and the surrounding area, where we weren't short of a few hot guys.  When we got back, we had an hour for lunch before returning to the rest of the fashion workies and telling them all the gossip.  Thursday was definitely a good day, as later on I got asked to write a solution to one of the 'Friendship Fixer' page problems.  As a budding journalist, I was thrilled to be given this opportunity, even if it was only a 70 word piece.  I was given a computer over with some of the other writers of More! and given a deadline - I felt like a professional.  It has yet to be published in the magazine, I think it was next week's issue they were closing, so I will Instagram (@NickiShepShep) as soon as I see it!

Friday came and went far too quickly and just like that, my first week was over.  As usual, Monday came round far too quickly and it was time to get up and go again for another week.  We didn't have much to do as we waited for another new intern to start at 11am.  After a while we were asked to come up with some ideas for the fashion pages, which was fun. Throughout the majority of the week we had various returns and odd jobs to do which kept us busy.  

On Wednesday, one of the beauty team asked if I'd like to help out with something they needed for a new page.  She took me into the beauty cupboard - a beauty bloggers heaven, there were rows upon rows of products ranging from foundation to cleansers to eyeshadows and nail polishes. I had literally died and gone to a glittery heaven.  I picked out this Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine Hydrating Glosstick (review coming tomorrow) and to my surprise I was allowed to keep it!  Whilst I was in the cupboard, I expressed my interest in the beauty team and was offered two weeks work experience there and then (in exchange for my CV).  I'm ecstatic and can't wait to start in January as I've become a lot more interested in writing for a magazines beauty team rather than fashion.  

My last day came round like so quickly and to finish the two weeks off, I was given a horrific task of trying to find three items of unidentified jewellery and get their credits.  I flicked through every single docket I could find and in the end only found one of the items.  It was quite a stressful task as the fashion had a deadline for the shoots and in the end no one could find where the items were from.  After a stressful last day, we were given a goody bag from the beauty cupboard which included MAC, Bourjois, Ciate and more.  

I am so glad I got to work at More! magazine as it really opened my eyes up to how much I wanted to work on a magazine, more so than PR which I dabbled in last year.  I'm definitely going to hunt around for some more experience before I return to More! in January, to get my CV looking good before I graduate next summer (eeek!) I'd really recommend More! magazine's fashion placement as I learnt a hell of a lot.  Plus, seeing your name in the masthead makes all your hard work, worth it.  


  1. Wow you make my work experience efforts look very measly! Need to get my act together as I graduate next year too!

    1. I would have done more if I had had the chance, magazines are so hard to get into! x

  2. I need to get my act together with more experience, I want to do a beauty experience too! This sounds great! great work! x


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