Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Essie Diffusion Line Nail Polish

(L-R: Watermelon, Tart Deco, Sexy Divide and Fiji)

For years I've stuck to Barry M's Nail Paints, not really knowing any better until I discovered the world of beauty bloggers and vloggers. Since then there has been an unbelievable amount of talk about Essie.  I'd even read that the Queen's hairdresser had requested Essie's 'Ballet Slippers' - the only shade she would wear.  I'd never got round to purchasing any colours before it's Boots and Superdrug launch a month or so ago as they were hard to find and once you had they were around £11 each.  When I saw the stand in my local Boots, I gravitated towards it, knowing I wanted the infamous Fiji but also picking up a few more along the way.  

My Essie collection began with 'Tart Deco', 'Sexy Divide' and 'Fiji'.  As soon as I got home, I applied 'Tart Deco' to my both my fingers and toes.  I wore 'Fiji' which is a gorgeous pale pink shade, to my nephews christening.  It's a nice muted, sophisticated shade great for weddings, christenings and other special occasions.  I picked up 'Sexy Divide' as it's very much similar to my favourite Barry M colour 'Vivid Purple' which is slowly running out.  It's a shade that I will no doubt be wearing a lot over autumn and winter.  Watermelon is my latest addition to my collection. I was drawn to this colour over all the other colours as it's a bright pink but without being too fuchsia. 

Before the Boots and Superdrug launch the polishes formulation and brushes were changed as part of the 'Diffusion Line'.  The new formula is extremely thick, creamy and opaque.  I found that one coat is enough with most of the shades I have, maybe two with 'Fiji'.  The brushes have been re-worked and are now a lot wider making application a lot less time consuming with only one or two swipes needed per nail.  As for the staying power, I'm impressed.  When I first applied 'Tart Deco', I put it through the ultimate test - a shift at Tesco.  My nails always break or chip when I'm at work but miraculously this manicure stayed in place.  It did start chipping around 3-4 days after which I was really pleased with.  

Essie's Diffusion Line is available in most Boots stores (I have yet to come across them in Superdrug but you can get them online here) and are £7.99 each.  I'm looking forward to building up my collection with more colours.  
Which Essie shade is your favourite? 

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  1. these colours are gorgeous, especially love watermelon! ive heard so much about Essie but have yet to buy any - i just have so many polishes and only use about 3 ha!

    1. It's a tie between Watermelon and Tart Deco for my favourites so far! I go through phases with my nail polish, right now I'm rotating between these four! x


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