Saturday, 16 June 2012

Home Sweet Home

After ten lovely, ridiculously hot days in La Cala, Spain, I've returned home, slightly more bronzed than when I left.  I had such an amazing time with two of my girlfriends and I wanted to share with you what I got up to - and also to write down all my memories so that I can look back in a few months and remember myself! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (both @NickiShepShep) you would have seen my pictures along the way of what I got up to.

After a tedious morning of packing we left for the airport and luckily our flight was on time with no delays.  We had a quick mooch around the airport, mainly seeking food (Gatwick needed to invest in a McDonalds!) and set of for Spain.  Whilst we were waiting to board our flight, I noticed Lauren Pope and Chloe Sims of TOWIE fame arriving from Marbella.  After two or so hours, we touched down in Malaga.  I don't know about you, but I know when I'm holiday when I walk out of the plane and am hit by a wall of humidity.  We arrived at my friends house at about midnight and ended up in bed at around 4am.

The first day we all got our nails done, I had acrylics put on so I wouldn't have to worry about re-painting them. We then laid out by the pool for the rest of the afternoon before heading out for cocktails in the evening.  We went to a bar/restaurant on the beach which was lovely, although it was a little windy.  They did good Pina Colada's.


On the Thursday, we opted for a change of scenery and went to the beach. It was HOT, about 37 degrees in fact.  After plucking up the courage (and also melting in the heat) I decided to go into the water with one of the girls. The waves were ridiculously strong and I managed to loose my beloved Ray Bans whilst being thrashed about.  Needless to say I wasn't happy, but these things happen.  We planned on popping to the shopping mall the next evening so I could get another pair.  

Low and behold my new sunglasses - I WONT be loosing these babies.  I prefer them to my original pair - the old pair, lost at sea, were candy striped and were difficult to pair with outfits at times.  These are classic tortoise shell and will go with everything and anything.  I also feel that the lenses are a lot stronger, blocking out more sunlight.  After an expensive shopping trip, we headed into Puerto Banus for dinner and drinks. We all wore heels, which I soon realised was a bad idea.  I had gotten a blister on the ball of my foot and it made it impossible to walk in the pretty heels I'd bought for the holiday.  I'm still undecided about what to do with them! I know a certain someone will be reading this shouting 'SELL THEM NICOLA' at the screen.  At least I got them in some pictures.  

We went onto a cocktail bar after dinner called 'Astral' which was shaped like a pirate ship (they even had neon green swords in the fruit) - pretty cool.  The cocktails were incredible.  They had your five a day pilled on top and the drinks were lovely.  I had a Pina Colada which was delicious - if not a little heavy!

Saturday was an exciting day. We were invited to spend the day at my friends, friends fathers five star hotel (trying saying that after a few cocktails from Astral!), El Oceano.  We were treated to some beds and cocktails by the pool and we were also in the presence of celebrity - well, Riley from Hollyoaks turned up for a few drinks and a swim.  I totally regret not asking for a photo now, but he's now following me on Twitter (bonus!)

I also found out that just outside of the hotel is where The Saturdays filmed their 'Missing You' music video and because I'm in love with them, I took a photo of the rocks... 

On Sunday, we had a chilled out day. We grabbed lunch on the Port of Cabopino, and after we took a stroll along the beach, before returning to where we were staying and heading out for the pool.  We enjoyed another lazy day by the pool Monday, resting up for Tuesday when we went to Morocco for a day trip.  

I was pretty astonished when we arrived at Andalucia to get the Ferry over. Africa seemed only five minutes away, you could see it so clearly.  After a 35 minute ferry ride (and a nap as we had to get up rather early) we were in Morocco.  The tour guide took us on a coach. First stop was for camel rides, although I must admit I was too chicken to get on one (a smart move on my part I think, as my friend nearly had one run away with her!) 

The second stop was in Tangier, where we hopped off the coach and went on a walking tour.  One of the first things we saw were snake charmers, which scared me - I'm extremely scared of snakes and the fact that there was a Cobra in front of me, didn't help this fear!

We then ate a traditional Moroccan lunch which consisted of soup, shish kabob, chicken and cous cous, as well as mint tea and some pastry smothered in a syrup.  I was surprised I ate any of it! After lunch, we made our way to the shops and we ended up in a Moroccan pharmacy, where I bought some argan oil among other things.  When we got back to Spain, we grabbed a traditional Spanish meal - McDonalds (we'd been craving it since the airport). 

 Wednesday was another chilled day at the pool, mostly tanning and reading Fifty Shades of Grey, which is an amazing book (so far anyway). On Thursday we ventured out to the shopping mall and I went shopping in Sephora.  I was like a kid in the candy shop, needless to say I spent a lot!  I mainly brought MUFE products, but some other products also ended up in my basket too.  Keep an eye out for my Spanish haul in the next few days.  

Our last day was spent soaking up as many rays as possible - which I must admit left me a bit pink (oops).  Our journey home was a bit manic, we were delayed and ended up getting home at about 3am which wasn't fun! I did however come home to two parcels, one from Amazon with One Tree Hill season 9 to complete my collection (boxsets are just like beauty products to me!) and another containing a new Nikon S3300 camera, which I won via Revlon's Facebook - bonus!

 I had an amazing time and wish I could go back again next week! A massive thanks has to go out to my friends mum for letting us stay with us - it was the best holiday I've had in a while!

What have you been up to since I've been away? It feels like an eternity since I last sat and blogged!


  1. Great photos!

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  2. lovely photos, looks like you had a fabulous time! I always loose my sunglasses so Im too scared to get anything other than cheapy primarks, although I REALLY want some raybans!! xx

    1. We really did, thank you! After having one pair for nearly two years, I couldn't be without them! xx


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