Monday, 12 March 2012

GlossyBox: March 2012 - The Harrods Edition

I haven't written a GlossyBox post for a while, as I unsubscribed back when they introduced the delivery fee.  I kept myself informed, reading all the blogs to see what was in the new boxes, sometimes regretting not having the subscription still.  When I stumbled across a picture GlossyBox posted on  Facebook with the word 'Knightsbridge' - I was curious.  The next day they revealed that the March box would be Limited Edition, Harrods style.  I took the bait and read the spoiler blogs before making my decision and what sold me was that it appeared that you'd get a Burberry lipstick.   Well, when I opened my box this morning, I was more than a little upset to find no lipstick.  I was so upset in fact that I threw my box to the side and planned to properly look through it later on today (I was a tad stressed, had an interview - more on that soon).  

After my beauty tantrum (and the interview) I came home and realised that I actually still had a pretty good box, although was still confused that most of the products were available outside of Harrods. In fact only one product in my box was exclusive to Harrods.  I thought the whole idea of this months box was to give GlossyBox subs some samples of brands they might not have been able to get hold of easily.  So, what did I actually get I hear you ask?

1. Valentino Valentina Perfume Sample - This is such a lovely scent that I will definitely be spritzing for a while.  I've sprayed it onto the information card and every now and then, I get a whiff of it.  The card reads: "A daring and addictive, oriental, floral fragrance.  A true feminine classic, twisted with the pure insolence of Italian ingredients." Full size (100ml), this retails at £71.00.  

2. Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin A,B + C for Bath and Shower - This smells like it would wake you up on a Monday morning.  The card reads: "Vitamin-rich fruit extracts boost the skin and invigorate the senses." Full size (300ml), this retails at £18.00.

3. SKII Skin Signature - I'm not in the market for a new moisturiser as I'm still smitten with my all Liz Earle skin care routine, but this one feels nice.  The card reads: "An anti-aging moisturising cream which helps to re-condition the skin, improve its resilience and leave the complexion smooth and radiant." Full size (80g), this retails at a whopping £127.00.  

4. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara - I used this, this morning whilst doing my make up and I have to admit, it's bloody good.  I don't really need another mascara as I'm currently going between Benefits 'They're Real' and MUFE 'Smoky Lash' - but this was too good not to consider.  I will test it out a few more times but I may have to use the 20% off coupon with it.  The card reads: "Instant full body volume mascara." Full size (6.5ml), this retails at £21.00.

5. Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream - I think everyone got a sample of this in their box.  I haven't tried it out yet so can't give any first impressions.  The card reads: "A formula rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which immediately helps to lift and tone, for firmer skin and a younger looking body." Full size (200ml), this retails at £35.50.

6. Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil - I got a small sachet of this, but again, I'm not in the market for a cleanser.  The card reads: "A 3 in 1 cleanser, make-up remover and eye make-up remover that leaves skin soft, balanced and non-oily." Full size (150ml), this retails at £28.00.  

Overall I'm happy with what I received.  I'm not 100% sure if I will continue the subscription yet, but I'm certainly tempted.  Did you get this months GlossyBox? 


  1. I really wanted this glossy box edition, it looks fab xxx

    1. Still a bit disappointed that it didn't have the lippie in, but never mind! x

  2. I was soooo disappointed too when i didn't get a burberry lipstick! I got almost a completely different box to you, i got a Lancome lipgloss and a gorgeous versace perfume sample.

    Georgie <3

    1. Yeah I saw all the different products that were on offer! I really like the mascara though which is a bonus I guess! x

  3. I was gutted i didn't get the lipstick too, i like getting make up in these boxes! I saw that most of the "ambassadors" got the burberry lippy, so i assumed that everyone would get one! :(

    1. Yeah the ambassadors got all the good stuff! No fair! x

  4. I cancelled my subscription after I got my Harrods Glossybox . I got three creams in mine two of which were for anti ageing... I'm 21! Lol I feel like the products they send are mainly creams and shower gel. I would more make up products.

    So agree that the ambassadors get the best stuff, kind of feels like false advertising

    Over on my blog I am having a MAC lipstick give away, you could win a MAC lipstick in the colour of your choice, check it out:

    Love your blog by the way... Love your new follower :o)


    1. I've just cancelled again, I think there was too much hype surrounding this box.

      Ohh I'll definitely take a look! x


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