Monday, 6 February 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012

In a couple of weeks (the 25th to be precise) I'll turn one year older (a fancy way of saying I'll be 20).  Of course this calls for a wishlist of sorts.  For my birthday, I generally don't ever ask for much, other than money and therefore not have very many presents to open.  This year, I fancy a present or two to open, so here's a few things I wouldn't mine unwrapping...

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1. GHD IV Styler; £79 - I got a pair of GHDs one Christmas when they were first on the market, making them about 6-7 years old now.  They've started to show signs of age, when I turn them on they get confused and start flashing and amking a few popping noises every now and then.  I've been contemplating a new pair for some time, so my birthday seems the best time.  
2. Casio Mini Silver Watch; £30 - I miss having a watch, ever since getting my Links of London charm bracelet for my 18th birthday, I haven't worn a watch as the one I have is gold.  I'd like this dainty watch to wear with my bracelet (it will hold me over until I can afford a Michael Kors...)
3. One Tree Hill; £14.99 - This was one of the things on top of my Christmas list, so I was disappointed when I didn't get it, because if you know me, you'll know my love for Tree Hill.  
4. Topshop Gift Card - I've seen a lot on the Toppers site which I really want, so a gift card would be rather handy!
5. Money - Technically I can't unwrap money, but it's always a nice thing to have for your birthday.  
6. The Only Way is Essex Season 3 DVD; £11.99 - I am a proud TOWIE fan! Been loving the new season, but there's always time to sit down and watch old series.  

Of course this is only a selection of what I'd like, I have an ever growing Lush list which I'd love to start ticking off soon.  Next on the Birthday agenda, finding THE dress.  Do you have any party dress online shop suggestions?

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