Sunday, 26 February 2012

Birthday Haul: Beauty, Fashion and Miscellaneous

As some of you may know, it was my 20th birthday yesterday and I had a really great day - Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.  Sitting here a little hungover, I thought I'd blog about what I got.  I was a bit rubbish and didn't actually take pictures of my outfit or my make up, due to visitors leaving late, resulting in a frantic two hours of getting ready.  I was extremely lucky this year and got most things I asked for and i'm very thankful to my family and friends for it.  

1.  GHDs - I needed a new pair, as the ones I had were 7 years old and were showing signs of old age.  My new pair, from the Gold series, came with a heat protectant sleeve which will come in handy.  They also glide along my hair a lot better and smoothly than my previous pair.  

2.  Casio Mini Digital Watch - Another from my list, I've been eyeing this watch up for a long while, needing to invest in more silver jewellery to go with my Links bracelet.  I haven't taken it off since I got it (except to shower, obvs...) I absolutely love it!

3.  DVDs - If you are new, you may not know that I collect boxsets of my favourite shows.  No birthday would be complete without a little bit of Tree Hill finding it's way to me.  I got season 8 on DVD which means I'm now complete again, until season 9 is available.  I'm literally addicted to One Tree Hill and have no idea what it's going to be like without it... I also received TOWIE season 3 which makes for great hangover TV.  Speaking of TOWIE, Joey Essex did a PA in the club I went to last night, he looks quite reem in the flesh and he even brought Diags with him!

4. MAC Make Up - This present was unexpected but very welcomed.  I received the Matchmaster foundation in shade 1.0, Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Light and the infamous Hue lipstick.  I wore all three products last night and on first impressions I really liked them.  The foundation is definitely one of the sheerest of the MAC products but it's still medium coverage which can be built to full if you need it.  The powder is great for setting and the lipstick is a gorgeous nude which will be an everyday favourite. 

5.  Dolla - I also received money from various relatives which is always good to have.  I'm not sure what I will spend it on just yet, I'm sure I'll tell you in a haul soon what I do buy!

So that's my birthday for another year.  It's very odd knowing I'm an adult now - I definitely didn't act like one last night! How have you spent your weekends?

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  1. I also have the Hue lipstick i love it! it's great for daytime and night time. Hope you had a good birthday (i know im late but ah well!) now following follow back? :) x x


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