Monday, 23 January 2012

Give Me Some Sugar

For my latest Uni assignment, we had to come up with an original idea for a feature, tailored to a publication of our choice.  For this I chose to delve into the world that is Sugar Daddy dating and reveal some of the scandalous goings on.  I wrote my piece for Glamour and quickly laid it out (we didn't have to lay it out for hand in, but looks better for my portfolio) for you to read.  Feedback and thoughts are welcome!


  1. really good article, so interesting and well written! nice little night time read! :) obsessed with 90210 at the moment also! xx

  2. Thank you Abi! It was a really fun article to research. I'm obsessed with anything American, 90210 included! x

  3. Amazing article, I'd love to read this sort of stuff in a magazine. x


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