Friday, 22 July 2011

The Frock Factor

You all know me by now, I'm a bit of a Royalist, especially when William and Catherine come in to play.  My obsession (although, I feel that's too strong a word...) has gotten so bad that Team Push have begun calling me Kate and claiming that I should don the Erdem look alike and get a Royal Blow Dry.  I'm very tempted by this, but think I could settle on seeing the dress that declared Kate a British fashion icon. 

Buckingham Palace will be unveiling their Royal Wedding display tomorrow (23rd July), which will include the dress, complete with veil, tiara, shoes, earrings and even the Royal Wedding Cake (probably not the McVities one though, Wills has most definitely polished that one off).  Along with the dress will be a 5 minute video featuring an interview with Sarah Burton who talks through the ins and outs of the dress - a definite must see for any fashion lover or journalist.  The dress will be on display until the 3rd of October, and I've already told my best friend (who, I should probably start referring to as Pippa?) that we are going.

Are you going to pop to the Palace and see the dress, or are you sick to death of all this Middleton chatter?

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  1. i really want to see it, i love Kate... i think everyone does at the moment she is amazing :D


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