Friday, 8 July 2011

Couture crush.

Paris has been home to Couture week this week and it started off with Dior, which underwhelmed many.  The continued and grew bigger and more impressive than the last, but a true favourite of mine has to be the Elie Saab collection.  After his last couture collection being heavily embellished, it was decidedly different. It was softer, intensely feminine and just breathtaking.  In true A/W spirit, the dresses were glitzy, perfect for any party.  Here are just a few of my favourite pieces...

What do you think?  Emma Watson was spotted in an Elie Saab creation at the Harry Potter Premiere after party.  

How are you all?  It feels like an eternity since I've been able to blog.  


  1. wow i literally love them all! such beautiful dresses, and emma watson looks stunning <3 x

  2. my favourite also, I dream of wearing one of those dresses one day to a red carpet event, dreaaam* x

  3. ha! love couture season, have u seen Givenchy..its amazing...Dior was disappointing
    i have been bloggin abt couture collections check it out


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