Monday, 20 June 2011

Peekaboo I see you.

Over the weekend I managed to pop into a new vintage boutique, Peekaboo on Ganton Street.  It has only recently opened and from just stepping inside, I know it's going to be a go to vintage spot for the cool kids.  The girls in the store were really friendly and let me take some photo's to share with you lot!

I love going into shops which have paid attention to detail, I think it takes the shopping experience to the next level. 

If you read my blog regulary, then you will know I'm a huge vintage jewellery fan, so you wouldn't be surprised to see that I took some photo's of their selection.  I particularly like the Peace necklace on the far left. 

Grazia also seem to be a big fan, which is nice to see.

If you're a vintage lover or just enjoy shopping, I definitely recommend this store!
What are your favourite vintage hotspots?


  1. This looks like a lovely place! My favourite is a shop called Attica in Newcastle, it's hidden in the backstreets but it's such an awesome little place. x

  2. Looks awesome! I just moved and am afraid there's no cool vintage hotspots in my village, but I'm yet to dicover tons in Belfast :)


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