Thursday, 2 June 2011

Glossy Box #1 May: Product Reviews

Can you believe that two weeks ago the beauty community were dancing around in their bedrooms with their first ever Glossy Box? It's been two weeks now, a reasonable amount of time to trial the products and find favourites.  For those of you who didn't see any bloggers post on Glossy Box, then this is what we got:


Alterna (Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray)

Como Shambhala (Invigorate Body Lotion)

NARS (Orgasm Illuminator)

Bionova (Bioactive Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin)

All for Eve (Eve Red Lipstick)

I was extremely impressed with this months box and have used the products in it pretty much every day.  So in order of favourite products, here are my mini reviews.  

#1 - Alterna
I love hair products and this one hasn't disappointed so far.  When I first used it, I applied too close and too near to my roots which made my hair look greasy.  After correcting this, I've fallen in love with it.  It smells gorgeous and leaves an enviable shine to your hair.  It's a perfect size to pop in your handbag if you have a long day ahead and may need a hair touch up here or there.  
Would I re-purchase?
More than likely.  It's a great product to refresh your hair in the summer months and help give it shine during winter, when the cold leaves it limp and lifeless.  

#2 - NARS
I was a NARS virgin before Glossy Box came into my life, and I want to try even more of their products now.  I have used this illuminator in every way possible: mixed with foundation, as a primer, as a highlighter and as a blusher.  For me, I found the best route was as a highlighter, as I can sometimes get quite oily skin I didn't want to promote more sheen by using with foundation/as a base.  It really does give you a gorgeous glow, and in the right light makes you look fresh and healthy.  
Would I re-purchase?
Definitely, although as this is a full size product I don't think I will need to for a while!

#3 - Bionova
Now, when I saw this I was a bit upset, I'd just gotten my Liz Earle and didn't want to part with it.  After trying it out, I realised it was a good cleanser, but perhaps not for my skin as it wasn't for my particular skin type.  It foams up nicely on your face, and leaves it smooth to the touch.  The smell of the product reminded me of a relatives perfume, which gave the product instant nostalgia.    
Would I re-purchase?
At the moment, no.  I am happy with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, but in the future if I found myself wanting to try a new(ish) cleanser then I'd get this one again, but for oily/combination skin.  

#4 - All For Eve by Daniel Sandler
Every girl needs a red lipstick in their collection and this is a gorgeous true rouge.  The only one I had was from a cheap drugstore brand and it didn't work so well.  I haven't used this product solely on it's own, pairing it with a nude colour to tone it down to a gorgeous pink, which I felt more comfortable with.  The consistency is lovely, not at all drying.  
Would I re-purchase?
Probably not.  I would like a deeper red lipstick but I'm interested in the concept of the All For Eve line.

#5 - Como Shambhala
There's no denying this lotion smells gorgeous but I don't usually shower/bathe in the morning, which made this a little weird on application.  My body was slowly winding down for the evening and then all of a sudden it was being startled by the tingle of peppermint.  If I wasn't so in love with my sleeping time, I'd definitely have used this more as it is extremely moisturising and refreshing.  
Would I re-purchase?
Unfortunately no, but perhaps I could find a more 'relaxing' scented moisturiser.  

So 3/5 for a re-purchase isn't bad at all! 

Now to begin the countdown to the June box and the anticipation of will Team Glossy beat their first ever UK box?


  1. This was great! I love reading beauty reviews. Thanks for your notes on NARS...I've been contemplating buying some of their stuff! This product sounds so versatile I feel like I need it in my life too! x x x

  2. its funny because i have just written my post on the products and my fav was the lotion... i suppose thats a good thing though otherwise we would all be the same lol :D


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