Saturday, 4 June 2011

E-tailers I'm loving:

It's less than a week away before I get paid, and I don't know about you, but I always end up looking online for ideas of things to buy.  However, this past week I've completely fallen in love with - a site I had looked at before but never bought from.  The great thing with this company is that they allow student discount, bingo!  I also have a 10% promo code from signing up to their newsletter and I'm hoping I can use that in conjunction with student discount... It all started with a maxi dress and now it has spiralled out of control.  Here are a few things I have my eye on, and intend to buy.  

Maxi; £17.99
While this may be plain, it's a gorgeous colour and so easily made more interesting with layering.  I would wear this with my gladiator sandals, a denim jacket for those cooler summer days, my ray bans and a long necklace, perhaps with a turquoise stone and matching rings.  This comes in many other colours, I just happened to like this one best.  

Chiffon Maxi Skirt; £26.99
I've been eyeing these skirts up for a while not sure if they'd suit me and wanting a plain one over one with print.  Although this has a slit in it, I still think it's pretty and feminine.  I could wear as shown or use a slightly more printed top to tuck in.  

Blouse; £14.99
A really simple shirt, that could go with a lot.  It could be tucked into the above skirt, worn with jeans/jeggings'leggings or with some vintage levi shorts.  This would look good with a cream blazer thrown on for the evening, with black leggings and heels.  The only hang up I have with is that they only go up to size 14.  I'm a bit top heavy and when it comes to tops I like to make sure they are loose enough that they don't pull around my boobs.  This also comes in an array of colours.  

Palazzo Pants; £22.99
Now anyone who know's me will laugh and say 'you wont buy them, they're not leggings' but I really like these.  First off their floral, and secondly they are baggy - kinda weird as I like leggings right?  I love how these are styled and can be dressed up or down.  

So there are a few of my picks.  Believe me, the shopping cart would break down if I clicked 'add to basket' on each item I liked.  Have you ever bought anything from and if so, what do you think of their sizing?  


  1. i'm rarely on missguided - but this post makes me want to go on there right now and buy that green top. thank you for posting this x

  2. Love all of your choices, especially the palazzo pants, I have a very similar pair from New Look and thought I would never wear them but i wear them all the time and always get compliments each time I wear them! Iv never shopped at misguided, will have to check it out xxx

  3. oh myy, I need that maxi dress in my life! x

  4. how funny, I was just on their site then read this, there is sooo much I want from there!

  5. i've never looked at their website before but these things look great i especially like the maxi dress :D

  6. I love all of these picks...especially the dress in the first picture.

  7. i relly love missguissed! maxi or mini dress and it's not expensive.
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