Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bella Swan's a secret fashionista.

Who'da thought that Bella Swan (aka KStew) would be so fashion concious.  The Breaking Dawn trailer was released last Sunday and it caused mass hysteria for the Twihards (yeah, I classify as one of those).  The majority of comments were on Edward and Bellas lurve making clip (it looks as funny as the scene is to read in the book) but I was all about the wedding dress - who designed it?! It's the most anticipated wedding dress since, well, April when Kate stepped out in McQueen.  Well ladies, the designer of the soon to be Cullens dress is Carolina Herrera.

I wonder if she'll do her own make up, like the Duchess...

Unfortunately, until November 18th we wont know what the dress looks like, but if the trailer is anything to go by, it will be gorgeous.  The only question I have now is; how will they make Bella more beautiful than she looks on her wedding day, when Edward changes her to a vamp. 

For all of you who haven't seen the trailer (weirdo's) here it is:


  1. i dont reckon you will see her as a vampy in this film... i think it will finish as she blacks out in the middle of the book... and then you will have to wait a year for the second film :(

  2. Jake looks pretty pissed...can't wait for it :) The only thing that kind of grates on me is the fact that they are about 17 years old yet are marrying and babying...just not realistic...


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