Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Shoes, glorious shoes...

I've always got shoes on my mind.  The higher the better.  This season I've been loving the chunky open toed sandals and the bright coloured and patterned wedges.  I was supposed to be going to the Kurt Geiger shopping event tonight, hosted by Grazia with a university friend, but due to an unhealthy bank account I had to, sadly, say no.  Instead I've been browsing the online shoe world and building a summer wishlist of 'rags to riches' priced shoes...

"Genero" by Kurt Geiger; £295
I've wanted these for some time now, but unfortunately that price tag is a bit too much for a first year university student, who's been paying a Macbook Pro off... They are extremely high and would make me feel like a giant (for once).   These are great if you feel you can't quite pull off a colour block outfit.  I also really love the print advert for these shoes: 

"Women turn into birds of paradise at night..."

ASOS; £65.00
At a much more affordable price, comes the chunky open toe court shoe.  The perspex heel gives that 'glass slipper' effect.  Neutral tones help to tone down a bright outfit, or perhaps give a bit of chic to an average office look.; £32.99
I haven't looked on this site for a while, and whilst browsing the other day I was surprised at how much it has come on, it's definitely worth a look!  Anyway back to the shoes... These look like a 70s throwback, I can't quite explain it but the chunkier the heels get and the higher the platform goes I just think 'Saturday Night Fever'. 

I've just realised, all the shoes I picked have been suede, so there's a trend there!  


  1. Those KG's are amazing. A bit pricey though. xx

  2. gah, i'm not even a "shoe person" and these are all calling my NAME....want want want


  3. Yeh the KG Genero shoes rock. But not at that hefty price tag.. Just gotta wait for the sale. Mind you, the shopping event was a nice touch. i didn't walk out with a new pair of shoes but canapes, champagne and goodies was just as inviting...


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