Thursday, 5 May 2011

OOTD: Is it Spring or Winter? Weatherman, make up your mind!

I haven't done an outfit of the day for a while, so I thought I'd bring you one today.  I stood in front on my wardrobe, peering back and fourth from my bedroom window thinking, "What on earth should I wear today?!"  It has been one of those stupid spring days which starts off like a winter morning and chirps up after lunch. 

Jumper:  H&M
Dress:  H&M
Tights:  Primark
Necklace:  Primark
Bracelets: Links of London, DollyBowBow, H&M and Paris

I opted for a thin jumper over my LBD to keep me warm.  I absolutely adore this necklace, and unbelievably it was a Primark find!  I am getting my hair feathered next week just to further my love of feathers!  I'm thinking brown ones to contrast with my blonde locks in a natural way?  I will probably also get some 'blonde' ones put in too.  

We went out on the streets of Epsom today to film vox pops for a practice broadcast video.  The question on our lips was, 'what is your biggest fashion faux pas?'

This could be one of mine, a yellow tee and nappy combo.  Definitely a look I couldn't rock now!  I am however wearing some rather cute fake wayfarers.   Or maybe mine was the Spice Girls platform soled trainers... I wore those everywhere.  

So, what's yours?


  1. love that necklace!!

    ps that pic of you is sooo adorable!


  2. I love that necklace. Cute picture haha.
    Sami xx


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