Monday, 4 April 2011

Beautiful you.

On Friday, I went shopping and bought some new beauty products.  I was really excited to try the 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks and bought two in 'Belle' and 'Beehive'. I swatched them for you.  

Beehive is an extremely sheer nude which comes out a lot lighter than it first appears in the tube.  It's been described as 'your lip colour but better' and it certainly is that.  The creamy texture is really moisturising for your lips.  The second colour I got was Belle, slightly darker, which adds just the right amount of colour for an everyday look.  

The second product I wanted to try was the 17 photo flawless primer.  I live and die by my MAC Prep and Prime but it's quite expensive.  17 do one for £4.99 and after hearing several good reviews I decided to try it.  It's pretty much transparent compared to the MAC and it leaves a velvety finish on your skin whereas the MAC is slightly moisturising in its finish.  I will do a thorough review once I have used it for a while but on first impressions it was really good!  

Have any of you tried the primer? 


  1. love the lipsticks especially the one named "Belle!"

    jos xx

  2. nope, never tried it but i'll definitely look into it!

    avid follower

  3. I might run in and get the purple shade tomorrow, i'm really into my MAC Indigo Pink at the moment which is a gorgeous purple shade!

    Thank you We Can Pretend!


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