Friday, 22 April 2011

American Indians eat your heart out.

I hope you're all enjoying a relaxing day off and having a GOOD good Friday (I know, I'm sorry).  Me and my 'rents ventured out to get some salad food as well as going for a long walk in the sun.  It's nice to be in England, catching the sun in APRIL.  

After an exhausting but fun day, I did the usual, sat down to watch The Vampire Diaries (it was SO good, I have no idea where they come up with the twists - the books are so different) and also to check if my favourite YouTube guru's had posted any new videos.  Bethany of macbarbie07 posted a haul video and one of the stores she got some clothes from caught my eye, PacSun.  Curious as always when it comes to clothes, I decided to try the site and it actually turns out they have just started UK shipping.  Here are a few things I loved and would quite like to add to my summer wardrobe (after I've won the lottery...)

Both tops: £20.71 each
I love these, I've really started loving feathers and I guess native type prints.  After yesterdays post on feather hair extensions I am going ahead and getting some of my own once pay day comes around.  I love the fringing detail on these and think they'd look great with some vintage Levi's, straw trilby and also some moccasins.  

I saw this top and immediately thought of my best friend, her boy and days driving to London getting horrifically lost whilst belting out 'PANAMA' at the top of our lungs.  I like the old, distressed look the print has.  

This reminded me of Saved by the Bell and old worn nightee's for some reason.  This would be great for the beach, acting as a cover up.  

I also saw some nice jewellery...

£7.42 - Buy one get one half price
There is no real decent reason as to why I like this, I just do.  I think the peacock print on the heart is a nice touch.  

£7.42 - Buy one get one half price
I like the american take on the owl ring.  Simple and cute.  

£6.64 - Buy one get one half price
I'm starting to think I am becoming a hippie with all these feathers...

What do you think of PacSun from what I've shown you?
The site is definitely worth a look, click here.

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