Friday, 4 March 2011

The show must go on.

"Is it possible to hate the sinner but love the clothes?"
This was a quote from earlier in the week from a journalist of the Evening Standard, after the Galliano story unveiled.  Today, Dior were scheduled to show in Paris, and that they did.  CEO, Sidney Toledano gave a touching apology on behalf of "Monsieur Dior", for the disgraceful comments John Galliano had been found guilty of saying.  

The Christian Dior continued with as much grace and class as any other year.  The collection was more daywear than evening wear, something the brand have wanted to work on for a few years now. The collection included hooded cloaks, full pleated skirts and silk bloomers paired with bows.  Here are some of my favourite looks from the show: 

The contrast of colours and fabrics make this ensemble. The olive green silk skirt with pleats give that innocent school girl image as well as catering to Dior's history - New Look 1947.  I love the over-the-knee boots too.  

A monochrome floral dress complimented by aubergine coloured socks and a midnight blue handbag, stop the outfit from being too basic and washed out.  

The autumnal colours in this outfit are gorgeous.  There's also a hint of spots, which I've tipped in my Fashion Forecast to be a big trend next season.  

I like this outfit although felt it was a little out of place.  I would wear this during the Spring/Summer season as sheer chiffon doesn't offer much warmth.  Maybe this is meant for those first few autumn days where the weather is between seasons?

What's the verdict, love or loathe?  Personally, I think Dior have done it again and they've done if different too.  


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  3. Love that quote! It's a great collection. My favourite looks are the third and fourth ones. Love those blue boots! :D
    Sharon @ Fun and Life


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